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Mobile Wallets

While the rest of the world continues to wrestle for control of mobile payments, Apple changed the world in September 2012 with the release of Passbook, a Mobile Wallet SDK that gave marketers access to content templates in what we call "a community app" focused on the non-payment benefits of mobile wallets. The non-payment side of the mobile wallet is a true game changer for marketers, and Google followed a year later with the release of Google Wallet.

SUMOTEXT fully supports mobile wallets with all the tools you need to create, manage, and update coupons, store cards, gift cards, and more. But because our wallet solutions are integrated into our Mobile Relationship Management platform, you can also dynamically distribute Passbook Passes and Google Wallet objects directly into devices as a rich media attachments via MMS - all while simultaneously supporting links to HTML5 versions for customers who have yet to discover or leverage their device's mobile wallet.