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QR Code Marketing

QR Code Marketing QR or Quick Response codes are two-dimensional bar codes embedded with particular information. You will have already seen them in major publications, consumer products and other advertising media such as billboards and even television advertisements. They can be utilized to encode a special URL or other information that customers can access by scanning it with their mobile phones. Using a unique Smartphone technology or any built-in camera from a mobile phone, these codes can be scanned and decoded to reveal special information about your product or special offer.

You will notice many businesses making use of the powerful ways to use QR code marketing in their campaigns. If you want to be current and updated to compete for your share of the market, then we recommend using these codes to promote and advertise your business. Utilising QR codes in your business will help you reach out to more customers, encourage brand loyalty and increase your revenue. QR codes can be used to promote special offers and discount coupons. If you want to be able to build list of mobile subscribers or direct people to your Facebook Page or your website, you can do so effectively using QR codes. You will also be able to send them your contact information immediately.

The good thing about these codes is that the possibilities are endless. If you want to be ahead from the pack, then take a look at these powerful ways to use QR codes:

These codes are also great for any promotional material. Whether you are advertising your business online or offline, you can include these QR codes for customers and potential customers to access information directly that will encourage them to view your products and services.

Here are some further benefits of using QR codes in your business:

Cost Reduction – Adashi Media uses the latest Dynamic QR code system which allows you to edit, modify and change the function or redirect of your QR code to a new URL at any-time, so the same code can be used for different purposes even years after it has been printed.

Builds Excitement – QR codes can certainly peak curiosity. Customers become more interested in learning the information behind your custom QR codes. When they scan the code and run in on their mobile device, they will receive instant gratification that will satisfy their curiosity.

Less Waiting – Since QR already stands for Quick Response, it also follows that your customers won’t need to wait just to get the information they need about your special offers. When a prospective customer scans the code, the information will already be transferred to their mobile phone in an instant!