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SMS Messaging Platform and APIs

Ranked #1 in 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Since 2007, our SMS messaging platform and APIs are at the core of our mobile relationship management platform. Our online tools are easy to use and fully controls the most advanced campaigns and message flows.

Independent Awards and Reviews
Gold 2013 Top Ten Reviews
"In the world of text message marketing services, SUMOTEXT is the resident heavyweight. This product shows its strength in its extensive feature set and reporting capabilities, which enable you to win the attention of your consumers and open up two-way communication. You will be hard-pressed to find an SMS marketing service that will so effectively augment your marketing strategies, which is why we are pleased to give this service our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award."

"As a text message marketing service, We go above and beyond in creating a solution to help any business improve communication with their customers. We found the interface intuitive and comprehensive in scope, allowing us to easily create texting campaigns while at the same time enabling us to monitor real-time results of conversations taking place. Whether you want to send out coupon codes, polls, auto-responders or open up conversation with a simple text, this service will easily suit your needs."