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Text Marketing

SMS Popularity

The growth and popularity of SMS can be partly explained by the immediate, concise, and unobtrusive nature of a 160-character text message. But its rise to prominence is equally explained by its ubiquity - i.e. SMS is on every mobile phone and most Americans carry their mobile phones at all times. For marketers and organizational leaders, these characteristics make SMS the ideal connective tissue to link and enhance all other marketing channels

SMS Marketing Solutions “Large and small businesses are utilizing SMS marketing”

SMS Marketing is slowly but surely appearing in ad campaigns for both large and small brands. But what is so appealing about SMS Marketing? Apart from the high read rate and solid redemption rates, the personal customer relationship developed by text marketing is something consumers and businesses both value.

Large brands began utilizing text message marketing as a way to reach hundreds if not thousands of consumers with a brief promotion or alert and the satisfaction of knowing that 95% of the messages sent would be opened within 15 minutes of receiving.

Because text message application providers like SUMOTEXT are able to lease keywords on shared short codes, the cost of text message marketing has dropped tremendously, making SMS Marketing accessible for small business clients like retail stores, apparel stores and restaurants.

SMS marketing effective because of versatility SMS Marketing is one of the most versatile forms of marketing today. Whether its instant coupons, voting and polling, listener replies, or linking WAP pages, SMS marketing options are only limited by a marketer’s creativity.

The Roll of SMS

The ability to reach the right person, at the right time, with the right message, has been the goal of every marketer. However, traditional strategies designed to leverage traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) databases are becoming less effective. Consumers moving, changing their email address, and dropping their home phone lines have all been natural disruptive forces. But changes in consumer behavior and the proliferation of social media has further complicated the databases and the strategy. As traditional mass marketing channels continue to give ground to targeted, interactive channels, the mobile phone has become the only common lynchpin capable of tethering multimedia, social networking, e-commerce, and point of sale.

Top 10 Business Goals Enhanced by SMS Short Codes

•  Short Codes kick-start conversations with customers and prospects.
•  Short Codes can facilitate Contests, Sweepstakes, Polls, and Surveys.
•  Short Codes can collect Opt-ins for Mobile Loyalty and Rewards programs.
•  Short Codes can collect E-Mail addresses for E-Mail Marketers.
•  Short Codes can link Fans to social media sites.
•  Short Codes can provide 1-click installs for App Developers.
•  Short Codes can link shoppers to commerce and self-service content.
•  Short Codes can normalize Call Center volume with 'Text-4-Callback'.
•  Short Codes can automate lead capture and fulfillment for Trade Show Marketers.