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Viral Campaigns

Empower your Brand Advocates

Targeting friends of friends is the secret for hyper growth of your opt-in database. The SUMOTEXT Mobile Relationship Management Platform has settings for you to make any campaign viral. All you have to do is turn the feature on, and incorporate a call to action (CTA) into your campaign's message flows that invites the subscriber to share the campaign by replying with 1 or more of their friend's mobile phone numbers.

When your subscriber does reply with their friend's mobile phone number, our system sends the friend a message from your subscriber that contains a compliant double opt-in request. If the friend replies "YES", then our system will send them whatever keyword and campaign mode your subscriber last interacted with - e.g. an opt-in, poll, contest, or coupon.

Sample of a Viral Passbook Gift Card Campaign
Viral Campaign

Purpose of Short Codes

Short Codes protect our mobile devices from SPAM and unsolicited marketing. They identify the content providers and SMS gateways to both the carriers and consumers. Unlike with e-mail (where you simply lease a domain name and start sending people e-mail messages), all short codes are initially blocked from all carrier networks.

Each Short Code program has to be independently provisioned, tested, and certified by each wireless carrier to gain access to that network. This process currently takes 8-12 weeks. Carriers also conduct regular audits to ensure ongoing compliance of each short code on their networks and they can easily block programs that don't follow their rules.

Top 10 Business Goals Enhanced by SMS Short Codes

•  Short Codes kick-start conversations with customers and prospects.
•  Short Codes can facilitate Contests, Sweepstakes, Polls, and Surveys.
•  Short Codes can collect Opt-ins for Mobile Loyalty and Rewards programs.
•  Short Codes can collect E-Mail addresses for E-Mail Marketers.
•  Short Codes can link Fans to social media sites.
•  Short Codes can provide 1-click installs for App Developers.
•  Short Codes can link shoppers to commerce and self-service content.
•  Short Codes can normalize Call Center volume with 'Text-4-Callback'.
•  Short Codes can automate lead capture and fulfillment for Trade Show Marketers.